Thursday, 28 February 2008

Carole King – Oh, Neil

Reading The NME Encyclopedia of Rock in the mid seventies, I first heard that Neil Sedaka's Oh, Carol referred to Carole King, and that Carole had recorded a reply record, Oh, Neil. More than thirty years later, I've finally tracked it down. Sounding suspiciously like she used a tweaked mix of the same backing track, Oh, Neil has some delicious lyrics, particularly when she rhymes "Mrs. Neil Sedaky" with "Chewing Tobaccy". A fabulous record, and well worth the wait.


Download: Carole King - Oh, Neil MP3 (rapidshare)


paula said...

excuse me but i'm sure there was a tape - I still hate country and western before - Hey 'm not fussy........ ?

Isaac Hate said...

Yes, and "Life Has Its Little Ups and Downs", and "Mental Cruelty" too. If you bear with me, I'll organise super groovy downloadable re-issues of them all.