Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Mike Sarne — Dodgy Looking Bird

Always remember to ask your mother

I had to borrow Revolt into Style from my Dad, for my last bit on Mike Sarne (my copy is lost in the permanent revolution of books in my house). When my mother heard me talking about Sarne, her response was surprising: "Oh, the one who had an affair with Brigitte Bardot?" she said. I was a little taken aback, since I'd found no mention of this in my research. So I shoved my head back into the packet stream, and came out with... not much. There's a mention of an affair in this pretentious twaddle: looks like it happened while they were filming À coeur joie (Two Weeks in September) together.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have sung this song to Bébé:

Download Mike SarneDodgy Looking Bird MP3 (rapidshare)

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