Friday, 14 November 2008

Does anybody here know a robot girl
who wants to meet a mechanical man?

I went to a double birthday last Saturday night (Hi Bryan! Hi Alison!), and as I often do, made up a mix CD to give as a cheapskate-but-personal present to both parties. No discernible theme here: it's a catholic mixture of stuff I've found and liked recently. Mostly cheesy soundtrack instrumentals, with some hillbilly rock, country, calypso, and so on.

In the past, I would make up a couple of dozen copies of my mix CDs for distribution among friends, but I'm doing it via the WibblyWobblyWomb this time for various reasons:

  1. I can't be arsed making up all the covers and burning all the Cd's.
  2. Even if I did distribute Cd's, I reckon most people would rip the tracks to their MP3 players anyway: this way they get the MP3s as I got them, eliminating a generation of lossyness.

So here's Hippy Bardot via Rapidshare

Download ZIP archive (79.7 MB).

Track list

  1. Yes We Can — Lee Dorsey
  2. Man Piaba — The Eloise Trio
  3. Honky-Tonk Hardwood Floor — Johnny Horton
  4. Babylon I’m Comin’ — Piero Piccioni
  5. Mechanical Man — Bent Bolt and the Nuts
  6. I Don’t Like You — Bo Diddley
  7. Heeby Jeebies — Colin Cook
  8. I’m a Believer — The Golden Gate Strings
  9. Corcovado — Harry Stoneham
  10. Pepe — Hermanas Navarro
  11. Wives and Lovers — Howard Blake and his Combo
  12. He’s My Baby — Jean Shepard
  13. Hully Gully Guitar — Jerry Reed and the Hully Girlies
  14. Rockin’ Chair — Mildred Bailey & Her Orchestra
  15. Can I Believe It’s True — Merv Benton
  16. Eso Beso — Howard Blake and his Combo
  17. Poor Ellen Smith — Molly O’Day
  18. The Shark — Howard Blake and his Combo
  19. Strange Love — Slim Harpo
  20. Bo’s Bounce — Bo Diddley
  21. Ree Baba Ree Baba — Sonic Omi
  22. Gold Dust — Teddy Redell
  23. Cincinatti Dancing Pig — Red Foley
  24. Sputnick-Saturn Jive — Unknown

The cover and title are a variation on the classic “Hippo Birdy Two Ewes” birthday card, with my own mix of pictures. I used a Photo of Bryan himself on his copy: but I couldn't get my hands on a picture of Alison, so had to substitute a picture of the most famous Alison I could think of: Ms. Goldfrapp. That's the version included here.

I don't have the time or inclination to make every track available in playable form on this page, but I had to give you at least one: here's the gloriously, monotonously daft The Mechanical Man by Bent Bolt & The Nuts:


Download Bent Bolt & The Nuts – The Mechanical Man MP3 (rapidshare)

Thanks to all my various sources (mostly in the I Don’t Hate list on the right).

Note for Bébé and Alison Goldfrapp fans, who might have googled there way to this article: no material from Brigitte or Alison is included.

“Maybe it wasn’t very good, but it was awful loud, wasn’t it?” — Jean Shepard.

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