Sunday, 2 March 2008

Conway Twitty – How much more can she stand

I first heard this classic example of the “Cheatin’ Song” in a brief clip on Hank Wangford's A to Z of C & W, Channel 4's eighties documentary series. Before that Conway Twitty didn't mean much more to me than his late-fifties faux-Elvis international hit It's Only Make Believe.

But he went on to a long successful country singer career, from the sixties through to the ninties, including this minor hit from 1971.

“There's a devil in my body, that I just can't satisfy...”

Conway's dead now, and I'll never get the chance to visit his gloriously tacky theme park, Twitty City in Hendersonville, Tennessee: it's been converted into a Christian music venue owned by the Trinity Broadcasting Network. All things must pass.

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