Monday, 17 March 2008

Drimble Wedge & the Vegetations – Bedazzled

I could only bear to watch a few minutes of the dire Brendan-Fraser-Liz-Hurley remake of Bedazzled before switching off in despair, so I don't know if there's an equivalent of the Ready-Steady-Go-esque scene in the original 1967 version, where Peter Cook, Playing George Spiggott (the Devil Incarnate) effertlessly outcools "cuddly" Dudley Moore, with this eponymous song. The song features a fauning backing chorus ("You drive me wild") and a contrary, indifferent lead vocal ("you fill me with inertia").

“Don't you ever leave off?”

Pete's deadpan vocal is priceless, But we must give Dudley the credit for the writing this track (and indeed the rest music for the film), a fine soaring, moody bit of menacing jazzy pop. The only mainstream pop music anything like this at the time was Brian Auger's Trinity, or maybe Arthur Brown, but really, forget about these comparisons: Drimble Wedge & The Vegetations stand alone. The magic words: “Julie Andrews!


Download Drimble Wedge & the Vegetations – Bedazzled MP3 (rapidshare)

Or watch the song being performed in the film on YouTube.


Cheap Ken said...

I hate this new version of the movie it was awful and immoral. The moore movie was better and funnier.

Anonymous said...

I knew it would be. I was appalled it was made knowing full well some things are sacrosanct and should be barred from being "remade".

It would be like a Britney Spears remake of Stairway to Heaven.