Saturday, 1 March 2008

Richard P. Feynman - Orange Juice

He was a physicist (quantum electrodynamics, superfluidity, particle theory), lock-picker, prankster, juggler, painter: a ladies man, a friend of Tuva, a developer of the atom bomb, a translator of mayan hieroglyphics.

If you haven't worked it out yet, and haven't even noticed the title of this post*, I'm talking about the mighty Richard P. Feynman. Here’s an example of yet another talent: his bongo playing. And singing too.

The choice of title means his vocal sound strangely like Pamela Doove, A minor Reece Shearsmith character in the League of Gentlemen.

Update 28 May 2008: Here's a fine article from W. Daniel Hillis, on the coolness of Feynman.

*or maybe you think Edwin Collins wrote a song about RPF.


Download: Richard P. Feynman - Orange Juice MP3 (rapidshare)

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